loo eclipseIs the preferred laboratory software of many clinical laboratories worldwide. By continually providing upgraded technology, we are committed to developing tools to aid in the advancement of the health care industry. Our robust system, ECLIPSE, is comprised of both client server and web-based architectures that are 100% configurable. With an intuitive and friendly Graphic User Interface, ECLIPSE is faster to learn and easier to use. 

An Overview of Eclipse LIS

  • caja eclipseDesigned for use with touchscreen devices. ECLIPSE has the easiest to learn Graphic User Interface on the Market.

  • Powerful and robust with an innovative architecture assuring speed and real time updating throughout the system.

  • Completely configurable to work for a small laboratory or a larger laboratory system with multiple branches.

  • Affordably priced. Comes with Microbiology, Quality Control and Sample Storage Inventory included.

  • We are able to interface with any Analyzer on the market and are adding other interfaces all the time.

  • Can be interfaced bi-directionally with any EMR\EHR System using HL7 language.

  • A billing module can be added at any time, affordably, speeding up your invoicing and maximizing your reimbursements.

  • Works with any operating system including Lynux, Mac and Windows

  • Eclipse is designed with the future in mind, allowing collection of co-pays and photos of clients for better identification.

Eclipse Modules

  • Billing
  • Eclipse Link
  • Eclipse QC
  • Eclipse Outreach

iconoEclipseBillingEclipse Billing  truly makes the billing process easier and more profitable by helping optimize the revenue lifecycle. With the ability to generate professional claims (Medicare, Medicaid, Private insurances), institutional invoices, patient invoices, among, Eclipse Billing offers the fastest and most affordable way to help billing services better serve their customers.

iconoEclipseLinkEclipse has the ability to implement interfaces with test scheduling and quality control analyzers; uni- or bi-directional and Host Query interfaces using ASTM Protocol.

iconoEclipseQCOn-line quality control with analyzers.

Graphs’ generation applies Westgard and any user-defined QC rules to individual QC results, builds Levey-Jennings charts and prints summary and detail reports

iconoEclipseWebAs a WEB module, Eclipse Outreach improves the laboratory operability, centralize the data into a single location, allowing your clients write, manage and review prescriptions quickly and easily though the laboratory webpage.


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